FableVision/Reynolds Center to Partner with Boston Public Schools for Unique Externship Program for Teachers

Boston Public Schools and FableVision/Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning & Creativity have unveiled an innovative externship program that provides Boston’s teachers critical connections to the technology-rich innovation sector right in their own backyard.  

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Working with the Boston Public School Externships team, FableVision/Reynolds Center is offering a brand-new program, which will give teachers and elementary/middle school students a behind-the-scenes look at educational media and technology development.  

“BPS teachers are really fortunate to have innovative companies like FableVision right in their own backyard,” explains Jan Manfredi, Executive Director at the Boston Public Schools’ Office of Expanded Learning Opportunities, adding, “So, it’s our goal to ensure access to innovative workplaces for teachers, which helps them better prepare students for opportunities in a rapidly changing professional landscape.”

FableVision/Reynolds Center teams are customizing a 2-day creative learning experience based in a working multimedia studio - filled with digital artists, animators, UX designers, coders, and edtech project managers. Through this unique opportunity, Boston’s public teachers will experience first-hand the kinds job opportunities now available to their students.  


As FableVision/Reynolds Center’s CEO/Co-Founder Paul Reynolds shares, “We’re excited to offer these externships - which are off-site, short-term internships - that will give teachers real-world, hands-on experience with digital tools and edtech, so they can better support their students who are entering a rapidly changing, modern workplace.”

Working with the FableVision program design team, teachers will learn about the development and use of the FabMaker STEM program, which is being developed by FableVision/Reynolds Center in partnership with the University of Virginia’s Make to Learn initiative. FabMaker Studio is an online CAD tool that lets students in grades preK to grade 8 imagine, invent and fabricate 2D designs, pop-ups, and 3D projects like geometric constructions and working machines.  

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“Not only will teachers learn about the inner workings of an edtech development firm, they will leave with comfort level around the FabMaker Studio digital toolset that is designed to foster the next generation of creative technologists,” explains Andrea Calvin, Reynolds Center’s VP.

Headquartered high atop the Boston Children’s Museum, FableVision/Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning & Creativity (RC-TLC) has been creating award-winning educational media and technology for over 20 years – partnering with best-in-class organizations such as Jim Henson Productions, National Academy of Sciences, PBS Kids, as well as other broadcasters, museums, universities and researchers.

FableVision was founded by New York Times #1 best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds of books such as Judy Moody, The Dot, Ish, I Am Human, The Word Collector, and Say Something.

The Boston Public Schools Externship program has helped facilitate opportunities for dozens of teachers who will connect with multiple technology-rich companies in the Greater Boston area. Working with companies ranging from Microsoft to Cambridge Innovation Center, and including innovators in health, food services, and communications, teachers will explore opportunities for their students generated by the innovation economy.

For more information, contact Andrea Calvin at andrea@reynoldstlc.org.