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Stories That Matter, Stories That Move 

In 1996, Peter H. Reynolds founded FableVision as a social change agency to help move the world to a better place by creating "stories that matter, stories that move." At FableVision Studios, they create mission films that turn emotionally and socially complex topics into approachable messages that touch hearts and change minds.

Keepers of the flame

This animated poem was created by Peter H. and Paul A. Reynolds as a tribute to teachers and their vital role in nurturing the learning spirit in every child. We hope it inspires conversation and ideas towards improving our educational system.

Themes: Nurturing the learning spirit in every child


The blue shoe

The Blue Shoe is a fable which can be used in primary grades to discuss true friendship. Excellent for higher grades to spark meaningful conversations about diversity and tolerance, as well as metaphor and story. This original story, written by FableVision's Peter H. Reynolds, has won awards in over 40 festivals around the world.

Themes: Diversity, tolerance, friendship


He was me

He Was Me is a quiet story about the inner child in all of us, and the eternal struggle to retain our sense of self in a busy world. In the film, as a man waits at a bus stop in the rain, his inner child is brought poignantly to life as he reflects on his past and ponders his future.

Themes: Staying true to yourself


Above and beyond

Above & Beyond is a story about what is possible when communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity take center stage in schools and transform learning opportunities for all kids.

Themes: Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity


The Reflection in me

The Reflection in Me follows the impactful experience of a child going through the practice of self-love and acceptance. The film seeks to promote the message of having a positive self-image and unconditional love. The film’s goal is to empower children of all ages to find the courage to look inside and love themselves as they are.

Themes: Love, acceptance, and having a positive self-image.


Our Tree: A Story of Growing Care

Our Tree, created for the United Way of Massachusetts and Merrimack Valley, is a moving story about how compassion, creativity, and collaboration can spark transformational innovation and change. In this allegorical tale, good, caring people face seemingly insurmountable challenges brought about by circumstances beyond their control.

Themes: Creativity, collaboration, compassion, the power of community


The Testing camera

The Testing Camera is a whimsical poke at high-stakes, standardized testing and a reminder that real assessment is as easy, and — at the same time — as challenging as getting to really know the gifts and talents of every child.

Themes: Individuality



This short film, based on an original story and art by Peter H. Reynolds, movingly conveys the loneliness a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder often experiences, and the life-changing effect each of us can have in breaking through that solitude

Classroom Tools: Activity Guide

Themes: Acceptance, empathy, inclusion


Living forever

Living Forever is Peter H. Reynolds' story of a young boy seeking the artist who inspired him. A charming illustrative tale revolving around inspiration and creativity, the fable is dedicated to everybody who has contributed something to the world and to those who benefited by those contributions.

Themes: Creativity, sharing our gifts