Upstate New York Schools Land FabMaker STEM Grant


The Boston-based nonprofit Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning and Creativity, with grant funding from the Cisco Foundation, has launched the FabNY FabMaker STEM Program to bring an innovative STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) program to young learners in high-need communities across the state. The FabNY FabMaker STEM Program is initially providing 5 schools and 2 public libraries with FabMaker Studio digital design and fabrication software, fabrication hardware, and professional development support.  FabNY is being launched in partnership with the Northeastern Regional Information Center, along with program support from FableVision Learning.

On Wednesday, April 17, educators from the five elementary schools gathered in Albany at the Northeastern Regional Information Center for the Fab@School FabNY launch event. Designed as a hands-on professional development experience, teachers will learn how to use the FabMaker Studio online software tools, and be introduced to flexible curriculum designed to support national STEM standards.  Attendees will also receive signed, personalized copies of Going Places storybook about engineering and creativity written by the Reynolds Center’s Paul Reynolds and his twin brother Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot, Judy Moody, Say Something, Word Collector, etc.)