Dot Day Spotlight: Franklin Elementary School Students Become Their Own ‘Dots’


Franklin Elementary School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, celebrated International Dot Day in a vibrant way. Art instructor, Kaitlyn Edington, creatively combined the themes of “I Am Human” by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds with “The Dot” by encouraging her students to design their own simple self-portraits in a lively mural. Mrs. Edington said her goal has always been helping her students to “Think” and “See” like an artist. She loves to encourage trying new projects, and seeing the world in a new perspective through imagination. 

The children were instructed to draw on a giant piece of black paper using colorful fluorescent paint mixed with white to make it opaque on the surface. 


Kindergarteners and first graders used their own paper, and chalk pastels to help fill in the gaps of the wonderful mural. The colors of the rainbow were hidden underneath the paper, to help guide the children where their color of choice would go. 

Once constructed, the drawings formed a mural across their hallway! In the end, the kids were very proud of themselves, as they should be, and are happy to show their work to all of you. Mrs. Edington runs an Instagram as well for those who would like to keep up with what her inspiring students are up to.


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