Dot Day Flashback to 2009

Ten years ago, Terry Shay sent out the first Dot Day tweet and started the movement. What began as an idea to have kids create dots blossomed into global celebration of Peter H. Reynolds’s book The Dot. International Dot Day is more than a book it’s a moment of compassion, of courage, and of creativity. As we get ready for this year’s adventure, let’s look back at the origins of Dot Day and the educators who dared to Create Bravely. Thank you to Ann Gargula, Maryann Molishus, Gaby Harrington, Sue Glascoe, Kendra Danielson, Nancy Morton, Elaine Smith, and many more! 

First tweet

First Facebook

First Dot Day Facebook Post P1

Peter's Email to Terry dated Sept. 6, 2009

"Spread the word... Dot Day.. read The Dot, wear dots, eat dots, draw dots, frame dots, connect the dots, splurge on art supplies, try a new medium - a new instrument, write a poem, rearrange your furniture, reconnect the dots with an old friend, make something, make something with a friend, share your creativity with the world. No strict rules on how to celebrate!"

First Logo

First TJ On A Journey Blog Post


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First FableVision Learning Blog Post

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Creative Educators Creating Bravely the First Year on Dot Day! 

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The First Dot Day in Photos

On September 15-ish, students, teachers, schools, and communities will celebrate International Dot Day. A celebration of creativity, courage, and compassion, Dot Day encourages everyone to #MakeYourMarkReady to join in on the International Dot Day 10 Year Celebration! Share your story with usLet us know you are celebrating! Register at The Dot Club. Share your mark across social media with #MakeYourMark and #DotDay. Stay connected on Twitter @DotClubConnect and Facebook