FABClassroom: Calculated Design for Costly Cards

For this week's FabClassroom we head over to Augustine F. Maloney Elementary in Blackstone, MA. Monica Carty is an elementary technology teacher at Blackstone-Millville Regional School District. She has been using Fab@School Maker Studio in her after school STEM club. It has been so successful she will be launching an after-school club just for Fab@School! Monica shares how she challenged her students to stick to a budget when designing Valentine's Day cards.


As time progress in the 21st century educational institutions become more and more focused on teaching the standards and mastering test taking skills and strategies. As a result, teachers often feel forced to limit or remove the fun activities from their elementary classrooms. However, it is time to take back the fun with Fab@School Maker Studio!

Calculated Design for Costly Cards new age Valentine’s Day lesson which integrates elements of mathematics, English language art, engineer, and technology all in one project! Using this lesson and Fab@School Maker Studio students can take on the role of a graphic designer who needs to stay on budget. While engaging students in a real world task it also stress the importance of engineering design process as students make prototypes of their cards.

Click here to download the lesson plan

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