Constructing Modern Knowledge 2016

The following is a guest blog post by Gary S. Stager, Ph.D., director and founder of Constructing Modern Knowledge

Constructing Modern Knowledge, the premiere professional learning-by-doing event for educators, is proud to announce that Carla Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children will be a guest speaker at the 9th summer institute, on July 12-15, 2016 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Constructing Modern Knowledge, now in its 9th year, is a minds-on institute for educators committed to creativity, collaboration and computing. Participants have the opportunity to engage in intensive computer-rich project development with peers and a world-class faculty. Inspirational guest speakers and social events round out a fantastic event.

Rather than spend days listening to a series of speakers, CMK 2016 is about action. Attendees work on personally meaningful projects and interact with educational experts concerned with maximizing the potential of each learner.

While our outstanding faculty is comprised of educational pioneers, bestselling authors and inventors of innovative educational technologies, the real power of Constructing Modern Knowledge emerges from the collaborative project development of participants. Each day’s program consists of a discussion of powerful ideas, mini on-demand tutorials, immersive learning adventures designed to challenge one’s thinking, substantial time for project work, and a reflection period. Each year, participants dazzle each other with new ideas, materials, and innovative project development. The learning environment is filled with stimulating “objects to think with,” including a library, art supplies, tools & materials for tinkering.

Animation, robotics, engineering, film-making, music composition, 3D printing, programming, wearable computing, Arduino, storytelling, and photography are all part of the CMK 2016 mix.

Professor Carla Rinaldi is one of the world's most profound thinkers on teaching and learning. She presides over the municipal preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy - often referred to as the best schools in the world - as well as their global outreach efforts. Ms. Rinaldi worked side-by-side with Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach, from 1970 until his death in 1994 in the municipal infant toddler and preschool system of Reggio Emilia, as its first pedagogical coordinator. Experts like Jerome Bruner and Howard Gardner travel to Italy to learn from her. Constructing Modern Knowledge is a rare opportunity for educators to learn with Professor Rinaldi in the United States.

Other guest speakers include Paul DiMeo, lovable carpenter on TV's Extreme Home Makeover and Building Wild, and our annual reception at the MIT Media Lab will be hosted by Dr. Mitchel Resnick, creator of Scratch and Director of the MIT Media Lab's Future of Learning Group.

CMK sold-out last year. Register at Team discounts are available.

A PDF of the institute brochure may be downloaded here.

New to the Reading List

Education Outrage by Roger Schank

Roger Schank is outraged.

He has had it with the stupid, lazy, greedy, cynical, and uninformed forces setting outrageous education policy, wrecking childhood, and preparing students for a world that will never exist. His keen intellect, courage, and razor-sharp wit cuts away several layers of conventional wisdom; causing readers to confront their own prejudices and school-distorted notions of learning. No sacred cow is off limit – even some species you never considered. The short essays in this book will make you mad, sad, argue with your friends, and take action. Most of all, Education Outrage is funny as hell.

Dr. Roger Schank is an expert learner and expert on learning. His professional accomplishments could fill several lifetimes. Schank is a distinguished university professor, mathematician, linguist, computer scientist, artificial intelligence pioneer, entrepreneur, TV host, software developer, author, parent, grandparent, and softball player.

Education Outrage is a curated anthology of essays from his popular blog with a foreword by Gary S. Stager.

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun by Josh Burker

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun leads teachers, parents, and kids of all ages through a series of projects designed for maximum learning and fun! Thirteen projects explore innovative software and hardware, up-cycled material, and your imagination! Combine simple electronics with LEGO bricks, 3D printing with clay tiles, computers with cardboard, and more.



Super-Awesome Sylvia’s Project Book Super-Simple Arduino

Super-Awesome Sylvia is a kid who loves making, tinkering, and art. Her online video series, Super-Awesome Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show, has millions of views. In this super fun book, Sylvia teaches kids to understand Arduino microcontroller programming by inventing an adjustable strobe and two digital musical instruments you can play! Along the way, they will learn a lot about electronics, coding, science, and engineering. Even Steve Wozniak loves her book!


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