Reynolds TLC - Dot Day Thank You and Special Offer

Dear Friend,
We want to take a moment to thank you for helping accelerate the success and impact of The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning & Creativity (TLC) -  our 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting creative educators and developing more creative ways to reach ALL learners. 
Because of your support, International Dot Day 2014 reached nearly 2 million students and educators from every continent and 87 countries! Can you imagine the impact we’re going to have next fall for Dot Day 2015?
Along with advancing the Dot Day global creativity movement, you may or may not know that The Reynolds Center has also been very busy in 2014 with these other exciting projects: 
-  Our digital fabrication software R&D project has continued - bringing a creative, new approach to learning about engineering at elementary and middle school levels.  The tool launches early next year, and will include support for several of the nation’s neediest school districts. 
-  HUTCH, a kids’ participatory creativity magazine has continued to inspire a growing number of young writers and artists across the nation - with a new website launching in the next few months.
- Our project is helping bring the power of STEM + Arts to classrooms around the world - which supports our new Sydney & Simon early chapter book series featuring the first title (Full STEAM Ahead!) - with the second title coming in 2015 (Going Green!).
Along with institutional support from Cisco Foundation, Noyce Foundation, Blue Hills Bank, and the Alcoa Foundation, the Reynolds Center’s projects and programs keep growing with generous contributions from wonderful people like you.  
With your help . . . 

  • we amplify the message around the globe that creativity, collaboration and community can move us all to a better place.


  • we are able to offer additional support to students, librarians, educators, and families with resources that inspire creativity, self-expression and life-long learning.


  • we will upgrade the website which will, among other things, make it easier to register each year. 

We hope you can take a few minutes now to consider contributing to the cause to help us make 2015 even more transformational. It would also be a great help to us if you are able to share this request with other friends and colleagues in your network who might be open to helping us on our shared creativity & learning mission. 
Thank you for your participation and support - we truly appreciate it! 
With lots of TLC,

Peter H. Reynolds
Paul A. Reynolds

Reynolds Center, TLC
P.S.  Here’s a Special Thank You for Your TLC!
Your tax-deductible contribution allows us to keep our programs going – and to continue creating and sharing free resources. 
Will you take a moment to donate NOW?  If you do, we're offering some extra TLC as our thanks!

  • If you contribute at ANY LEVEL in the next 48 hours and date check for 2014, we’ll send you a complimentary signed “Dream Big" print by Peter H. Reynolds.   

  • If you donate $250 or more by January 1st, we’re going to send you a signed, original watercolor by Peter as our special “we-can’t-dream-big-without-you" thank you gift.

Take a minute right now to contribute online, or write out your check* made payable to the Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, and Creativity and pop it in the mail ASAP to:
The Reynolds Center TLC @ FableVision 
International Dot Day Headquarters 
308 Congress Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02210

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