Speaking Engagements

From Dot Day at the Russel Elementary School Boston to the CUE conference Keynote in Palms Springs, Paul and Peter H. Reynolds inspire learners of all ages. Presentations are thoughtfully customized to meet the needs of each group. If you would like to learn more, fill out the form below. 


On-site presentations

The Reynolds brothers enjoy speaking to all ages - in all kinds of venues  - from schools, museums, youth groups, and libraries, etc.. Promoting the message of creativity, Peter H. Reynolds encourages everyone to make their mark. Peter’s twin brother and collaborator, Paul Reynolds has also travels the country speaking on collaboration, communication, and out-of-the box thinking. They are happy to weave in key messages that help creative learning communities go “above and beyond” and move the world to a better place.

Virtual Visits & Personalized Video

There are some situations where cost or geography make an in-person visit challenging or impossible.  But thanks to technology, we can still deliver “connect the dots” in a really engaging way. Using a variety of video calling platforms, Peter and Paul can do anything from 15 minute read aloud to to an in-depth Q&A session on the creative process. Our team will work with you to coordinate questions prior to the visit - or help manage questions being asked live.  Follow up resources can be provided to keep your group energized to keep their creativity going and growing!

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Conference Keynotes & Book Signings

Peter and Paul are available for keynotes across the country and around the globe. They speak on a variety of topics - including creativity, finding one’s purpose, empathy, and courage to create and be original.  They will often customize a presentation based on the needs of the organization and audience.  The Reynolds Center team can also help arrange book signings as part of the speaking event. Signings have become a special way for audience members to connect more personally with Peter and Paul. 

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