Fab@School EXTRA TLC Grant Opportunity

Thanks to generous funding offered by mindSpark Learning through the Morgridge Family Foundation (MFF) and the Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, & Creativity, we are inviting a limited number of schools/districts to participate in the EXTRA TLC Grant Opportunity for Fab@School Maker Studio

EXTRA TLC Grant Opportunity includes: 

We are accepting applications for fully funded grant which will help provide:

  • A year-long school site license for Fab@School Maker Studio web-based, digital fabrication software program - compatible with Mac, Windows, iPad, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices.
  • Digital fabrication hardware (2 Silhouette Portrait digital fabricators).
  • Virtual professional development providing an overview of the software tools, as well as support for curriculum integration.
  • Discounted rate for ongoing annual renewals of the Fab@School Maker Studio software license for the following year.

As we are committed to causing significant impact on students and teachers through this grant program, we are looking for a commitment to the implementation of the Fab@School program. During the grant, we will have the following requests:

  1. Provide two District-level names, plus one contact (names/email/phone) at each individual school who will serve as primary liaison for the Fab@School program.
  2. At the end of this school year, the District will provide answers to a 5-question survey (usually no more than 400-words) that describes how Fab@School Maker Studio was used, and its impact on STEM teaching/learning, which will be used for program evaluation and, potentially, as a case study blog post.
  3. Provide at least 4 photos of teachers and students using Fab@School Maker Studio, with appropriate permission for use by FableVision Learning and its grant funding partners.

To apply for the EXTRA TLC Grant please fill out the following information: 

School/District Name *
School/District Name
Primary Contact Name *
Primary Contact Name
Secondary Contact Name *
Secondary Contact Name


mindSpark Learning + FableVision Learning


This special grant-funded Fab@School program is being implemented through creative partnership through mindSpark Learning and FableVision Learning. Additional services – including expanded PBL/challenge based curriculum design, and on-site PD, as well as evaluation design and implementation – will be available upon request at special grantee pricing.

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