An Invitation to Participate in the Fab@School Match Grant Program 

As part of an international consortium of research and education partners, led by University of Virginia, the Fab@School Initiative tackles the disruption in STEM studies and career pipelines by introducing engaging STEM teaching and learning earlier on in schools. With jobs in the STEM field expected to grow 15% by 2020, the Fab@School Consortium is responding to this urgent need by better supporting teachers to help young learners succeed in tomorrow’s economy.

To support this research initiative, the Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, and Creativity was tasked to research and develop a key tool in the program - Fab@School Maker Studio, a digital design and fabrication platform. The online software has been designed as a flexible on-ramp to meaningful STEM/STEAM learning, which introduces an engineering process specifically for use in K-8 classrooms.

Fab@School Maker Studio tools are easily adapted across grade levels – from step-by-step and ready-made standards-based projects – to recreating and modifying sophisticated inventions offered through a U.S. Department of Education i3-funded partnership with the Smithsonian.

Thanks to generous funding offered by mindSpark Learning through the Morgridge Family Foundation (MFF) and the Reynolds Center, we are inviting a limited number of schools/districts to participate in the Fab@School Match Grant Program.

Match Grant Opportunity

We are pleased to offer a matching grant of $1,850 per school, which will help provide:

  • A year-long school site license for Fab@School Maker Studio web-based, digital fabrication software program - compatible with Mac, Windows, iPad, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices.
  • Digital fabrication hardware (2 Silhouette Portrait digital fabricators).
  • Virtual professional development providing an overview of the software tools, as well as support for curriculum integration.

Subsidized by the $1,850 match grant from mindSpark Learning through MFF/Reynolds Center, the cost to districts will be the $1,850 per school for the year-long Fab@School program.

Additionally, thanks to arrangements made by mindSpark Learning through MFF and the Reynolds Center, participating schools will also enjoy a specially discounted rate for ongoing annual renewals of the Fab@School Maker Studio software license.

To take advantage of this special invitation, please email: for further information about participating in this program. 

Click here to download a PDF of this offer. 

mindSpark Learning + FableVision Learning


This special grant-funded Fab@School program is being implemented through creative partnership through mindSpark Learning and FableVision Learning. Additional services – including expanded PBL/challenge based curriculum design, and on-site PD, as well as evaluation design and implementation – will be available upon request at special grantee pricing.

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