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North Star Kid's Ramble

Join Us for the  North Star Ramble Children's Race and the Dedham Family Fun Run on Sunday, April 29, 2018. The ramble is in Dedham Mass and occurs on the opposite corner of the Endicott Estate, please find us at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Walnut, near the greenhouse.
Schedule of events: 
8:00 AM   ♦ Pre-Race Free Registration starts
8:30 AM   ♦ National Anthem on electric guitar by Steve Marchena
8:45 AM   ♦ Dedham Family Fun Run
9:30 AM   ♦ Children's Ramble Begins > 4 and under race - 50 yd dash
9:45 AM   ♦ Ages 5 & 6 race - 50 yd dash
10:00 AM ♦ Ages 7 & 8 - 100 yd dash
10:10 AM  ♦ Ages 9 & 10
10:20 AM ♦ Ages 11 & 12

The North Star Children's Ramble is a one-of-a-kind literacy-themed sporting event for kids ages 4-12 and their families. There are age-specific races ranging from the 50 yard dash to 500 yard dash, and The Dedham Family Fun Run.

The North Star Children's Ramble event also includes coloring activities for runners and non-runner audience participants. Like its "parent race," James Joyce Ramble, the North Star Ramble creatively mixes sports and the arts together by tying in Dedham author Peter H. Reynolds’ book, The North Star

If you have kids that would like a longer course challenge, The Dedham Family Fun Run is for them and their family members. Kids can run the entire course solo, with family members, or do a family relay where the course is divided between family members. Special consideration will be given to families with creative matching uniforms.