International Dot Day Resources

From classrooms to community-wide celebrations, The Reynolds Center is cheering you on this Dot Day.
To help promote your Dot Day festivities, we've created a few handy resources. No matter where your celebration takes you, we have you covered. 

Ready to share your Dot Day news? We made it easy! Use this customizable press release to spread the word!  

Dot Day 2019 Badge

Let your friends and fans know you are celebrating Dot Day 2019! Download the badge here

Bookseller Guide

Celebrating Dot Day at your bookstore is as easy as 1-2-3.  
Download the guide here


Library Guide

We love libraries! Curious about how to get involved with Dot Day?  
Download the guide here


Classroom Guide

Are you celebrating Dot Day in September or all year? 
Download the 1-2-3 guide here and stay connected with other educators.


For more creative Dot Day inspiration and tools to help ALL learners navigate a creative journey, visit FableVision Learning