I can’t fully express the pride and sense of accomplishment my kids experienced seeing their creative writing published in a “real magazine.” It was particularly special to them since HUTCH is published by Peter Reynolds, author of some of their favorite childhood books. My daughter was truly honored that Peter drew an illustration to accompany her short story. Since its first edition in 2008, our entire family has looked forward to each new issue, reveling in the creative, imaginative work of so many talented children. Nancy Marsh has done an amazing job of encouraging our children to submit their work and they have enjoyed working with her immensely.

--Ellen Bendremer, mother of Emily and Ryan

“Thank you so much for all the kindnesses you and your staff have shown to my son George.  He is doing so much better in reading/writing since you published his story. As a parent who is a book worm, it was difficult for me to have a child who did not share my love for reading...thanks to you...my son is on his way.”  

--Helane Darazi

My son, Maxwell, is proud to have had his writing and illustrations published in various issues through the years.  He loves reading HUTCH issues over and over again, and he enjoys reading the other children’s work. Also, author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, one of the co-editors, inspires Maxwell and many others.  One of the high points of being featured in the magazine is the invitation from the Publisher, Nancy Marsh, to the publishing party at the Blue Bunny.  It is wonderful that Hutch Magazine recognizes and celebrates all the young contributors.

--Joy Surprenant, Founder and Executive Director of Catching Joy, Inc.

As a classroom teacher, I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an awesome resource like Hutch Magazine available for my students.  They are so inspired to see their work printed in a glossy, high-quality magazine.  Not only does becoming published authors and illustrators increase their self-esteem, but it also motivates them to produce quality writing and art. Not only do my students love submitting their own original work, but they spend hours lingering over each issue. These magazines are considered treasures in my classroom for these reasons and many more.  As a classroom teacher, an advocate for my students to learn and create, inspire and be inspired, how could I ask for more?

--Michelle Perron, Grade 2 Teacher

Dear Hutch,

I was absolutely excited when my student Denisa Severová showed me your magazine. I am her English and Art teacher. Denisa is a talented painter, I think. I am not an expert. Art is just my interest. I use the technique Encaustic for my paintings. However, I got the idea to combine Art and English together and use it in my lessons. I am going to use your theme  “I made that.”  You have inspired me, so THANK YOU.

--Martina Pavlu (Czech Republic)

How thrilled I was to discover Hutch--a "frame" to display my children's "dots!"! Nancy, thank you and Peter, for allowing all of these children to believe in themselves and to trust that their creativity is worthy to share with the world. I am most grateful. 


Thank you for offering this opportunity for young people. My son identifies as creative and an inventor and this has really been something which he identifies as an honor. It's fabulous positive reinforcement for him to keep nurturing this piece in his life. We appreciate all you are up to in this world!

Beth Williamson-Ruse, mother of Thomas

The librarian at Maisie's school interviewed Maisie on videotape last spring about "How to Get Published" and she showed it to all classes, all grades during library class in the last couple of weeks of school. Maisie talked about the publication process and read her story. The librarian wanted to show kids that it is possible to make your dreams come true, to be a published author or illustrator or artist. Maisie was a minor school celebrity again... all the kindergartners & 1st graders coming up to her wide-eyed, it was so cute. She was a little embarrassed about it - said, "the article was published in December! I don't know why everyone is still making such a fuss" but was very pleased really.

Alice Tate, mother of Maisie